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A massive collection of ReValver modules and content. No matter what tone you are looking for, you will find it here!

AMP MODELS: Michael ACM 900, Basic 100, BluesMaker '62, Budda SD 18 II, Budda Superdrive V20, Herr Demon, Flathill Dual, Fox AC30, Peavey 3120, Peavey 6505, Peavey 6505+, Peavey Classic 30, Peavey Masterpiece 50, Peavey Sensation 20, Peavey XXX II, Redhot AD30TC - STOMPBOX & FX MODELS: Analog Flanger, Budda Bud Wah, CE-Guitar Chorus Pedal, C-verb, Digital Flanger,Greener TS808,  Käften, M104 Analog Delay,  PRESSOR, Sher'ff, Slammer compressor, Square-Phase, Treble Booster, Wham!, World-Wide-Verb, Again Delay - CAB MODULES & MODELS: RIR cabinet model module, RIR2 cabinet model module - 1960A 4x12, 6505 4X12, BluesMaker 2x12 open back, Budda V20 1x12 open back, California Twin 2x12, Classic 4x12, Delta Blues 1x15, Delta Blues 2x10, Flathill 4x12, Fox AC30 2x12 open back, Järnmalm 4x12 cab, 6505 Prototype 4X12, Redhot PPC212, Redhot PPC412 - ACT Instrument Models:
LP Std Instrument Model, Brazilian Nylon Instrument Model, S_Caster Instrument Model - UTILITY MODULES: 3rd Party Plugin Host Module (VST, AU)

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David Ellefson changed the role of the bass guitar in heavy metal and these are the tools he used to do it

AMP MODEL: Hangar18 LH1000 - STOMPBOX MODELS: CE-Bass Chorus Pedal, Graphical equalizer, Grinder, PRESSOR - CAB MODELS: Hangar 18 Drive 4x10, Hangar18 XL 4.5 - ACT INSTRUMENT MODELS: BC Bird Classic Bass , Peavey Zodiac Bass , C-Thrasher Bass

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